a) Double-CD – released May 2022, Label Lion (Illinois)/Hufnagel (Berlin)
CD 1 Dreams of 75 – Extended Version
CD 2 February 1975 – Remastered Version
b) Vinyl LP – released December 2022, Label: Lion (Illinois)/Return To Analog
Dreams of 75 – Normal Version
Bonus: Merseburger, Sänger: Olaf Casalich (Ougenweide)
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Cover Händewaschen

>> Product information in English (Lion Productions)

In December 2022, the vinyl version of the album "Dreams of 75" by Hofgeismar musician Lothar Jahn was released, which has been on a Double CD is available. On the album, Lothar Jahn plays almost all the instruments himself, just like his role model Mike Oldfield tries to bring the sound of his youth in the seventies to life. "Of course from a modern, mature perspective  out," says Lothar Jahn, who has made a name for himself as a cultural manager, songwriter and music specialist,  Musicologist and organizer of medieval music festivals came to the album "like the virgin to the child": A collector of vinyl records had discovered a single by Jahn from the seventies at a flea market in Barcelona and then persuaded him to  to make an album out of the musical material. He put the contact to the American record company Lion Productions in Illinois  that not only brought out the double CD, but also a vinyl album in proper style. At the request of the record company can be found on the  high-quality produced record also a bonus track: A new version of the tune "Merseburger", which was released in the Seventies by the  folk rock band Ougenweide was set to music. Jahn plays all instruments except for the percussion, which Ougenweide frontman Olaf plays  Casalich plays personally, who also sings the old lyrics of magic spells  together with Dagmar Jahn.

In addition to the vinyl version with 8 pages of background information on black vinyl, there is also a limited "SWIRL" version, in which transparent and slightly colored vinyl provides a psychedelic look: this version comes in a handwritten numbered edition of 150 copies for collectors and is available from various suppliers for around 50 euros.

Jahn's original single "February 1975" is traded even more expensively, it is only available second-hand for prices around 100 euros. The CD version of Jahn's album, which is based on this single, has been highly praised by the specialist press: "light-footed and playful" (Sonic Seducer), "an interesting exploration of the Oldfield cosmos" (Eclipsed), "bright and clearly flickering melodies" (Saitenkult), "excitingly bizarre" (Good Times), "exciting and captivating" (Hooked on Music), "a musical testament to youth" (Progressive Rock Fanatics), "a daring mix full of memories  and Dreams" (music reviews). "Entirely original and wholly familliar." (Shindig!, GB, Dec. 2022)

Lothar Jahn is born 1957, he lives Hofgeismar/Germany, played in Rock- and Folkbands anc created musical projects. He's the the leader of Musiktheater Dingo und is since twenty years working in the medieval music scene, most of all as a musical director of Minnesang competitions. He organzize the European Minnesang festival 2009 at Braunschweig. As a singer/songwriter he began 1970 to write and perform own songs, his songbook Lothars Liederbuch is available with score and lyrics of 100 own songs. Since 2020 he has is own TV show Lothars Liedertreff at the Open Channel Kassel. Jahn is the International Carl Maria von Weber Prize winner from the city of Dresden (1988).

> The album is available via the Internet platform Discogs (Double CD, Vinyl), via Return To Analog or directly from www.lothar-jahn.de!
> You can listen to excerpts of the music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8m3t3sYXXow

Lothar Jahn plays:
Accordion, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, bodhrán, cittern, chimes, crwth, dobro, dommel, double speed guitar, double speed harp, dulcimer, one-string lute, e-drum, e-guitar, e-piano, fiddle , Noises and Voices, Glockenspiel, Geyerleier, Hammond Organ, Harmonium, Jukebox, Lyra, Marimbaphone, Mandolin, Moorish Lute, Melodica, Harmonica, Percussion, Frame Drum, Tubular Bells, Voices and Instruments Played Backwards, Sample Bagpipes and - Borduns, sample mellotron (for Ramón), Spanish guitar, synthesizer, telephone bell, vibraphone, xylophone, 12-string guitar

Eclipsed May 2022 , Babyblaue Seiten, HNA Hofgeismar May 2022, Betreutes ProggenSaitenkult June 22, Folker 02/22, Sonic Seducer 07-22, Deutsche Mugge  07-22,
CD-Tipp auf Darkstars, Good Times 04/22, Hooked On Music 8-22,  Progressive Rock Fanatics,
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Lothars Liedertreff "Dreams of 75" mit Ramon Piserra und Peter Will, Open Channel Kassel May 2022, CD of the week 11-22 at Rockradio.deDragonland-Radio, Dublab, Progrock.com, Radio Jack, Sound of Prog, Rock Art (Ems-Vechte-Welle), Roundabout (Ems-Vechte-Welle)

CONTACT: Lothar Jahn, Guderoder Weg 6, D-34369 Hofgeismar, 0049-5671-925355
www.lothar-jahn.de, E-mail  here!