Dr. Lothar Jahn
Dr. Lothar Jahn
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Dr. Lothar Jahn

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LOTHAR JAHN is a singer/songwriter, presenter and multi-instrumentalist who was born in 1957 and has been active in the German music scene since the early 1970s. His musical spectrum is very broad, it ranges from folk to rock and chanson to historical music performance. He is still in charge of the musical theater Dingo, which he founded in 1978 and which goes on tour across Germany. He has a doctorate in musicology and has been a freelance cultural manager since 2006. He is considered a specialist in the field of medieval music, he has been responsible for the web platform Minnesang.com for many years. Since 2005 he has been organizing minstrel competitions at various castles in many places, and the Falkensteiner Minneturnier at Falkenstein Castle in the Harz Mountains is a permanent fixture. Since 2020 he has got his own TV-show „Lothar's Liedertreff“ in Kassel.

Vita (German version here):

* 1970 first own song for the guitar ("Zeiten"). Many more original compositions of songs and German and English follow.
* 1973/74 Duo Buggi and Mozart
* 1974 - 1980 German rock band PTHR (later "Aaron") with socially critical texts
* 1975 - 1978 spokesman for the Rock-Cooperative North Hesse
* 1975 - 1980 work as a composer, arranger for the folk band Jaw-Bone
* 1977 release of the first own single "February 1975" (Sound records)
* 1978 premiere of the rock opera "Dingo", written together with Peter Will. 50 performances.

* Studied music at the University of Kassel
* 1975-1988 duo with Udo, songwriter duo together with Udo Ohm
* 1986/87 rock band "Pan"
* 1983 - 87 Further projects of the music theater Dingo cabaret, rock operas, musicals
* 1988 International Carl Maria von Weber Prize in the field of musical / rock opera, awarded in Dresden

* from 1990 musical and band productions with schoolchildren
* 1990 German-language production of the Russian rock opera "Avos!"
* 1993 Achievement of the doctoral degree in musicology at the University of Kassel
* 1994 - 96 rock revue "Michels Wunderland" on the history of the Federal Repu

Second Thousanders
* from 2000 appearances and music theater productions on the subject of Minnesang
* From 2000 support of the Internet platform Minnesang.com including over 10 CD productions
* From 2001 for over 10 years monthly organization of concerts in the field of blues, folk and jazz in the Lindenmuehle Burguffeln
* From 2005 onwards, annual minstrel competitions with international participation
* 2007 Great musical theater production in Marburg's Elisabeth Church on the 800th birthday of Elisabeth of Thuringia
* 2008 music theater project "Minnespiel im Rittergut" at the Wasserschloss W
* 2009 Musical Director of the European Minnesang Festival in Braunschweig

* Duo programs with Holger Schäfer, Hans Hegner and Dagmar Jahn
* Lecture tours on music and contemporary history throughout Germany; historical subjects; “Sound journeys” series on musicians who have accompanied me all my life
* 2010 Organization of the 40th anniversary of the Folk-Rock-Band Ougenweide with a large festival and two CD productions
* 2011 premiere “The minstrel with the Jew hat”, Old Synagogue Vöhl
* 2015 school theater project at the Hofgeismar comprehensive school "Roses and thorns" on legends and fairy tales from Northern Hesse
* 2017 music theater project about the life of Martin Luther
* Since 2017: Irish advent programms together with Groovy Pike
* 2019 Presentation of “Lothars Liederbuch” („Lothar's Songbook“) with 100 songs from 5 decades

* 2020 start of the “Lothars Liedertreff” series: meeting other musicians, broadcast on the Kassel Open Channel
* 2020 release of the single "Haendewaschen", a satirical song against corona deniers and conspiracy theories
* 2020/2021 development of the CD “Die Lieder des Süßkind von Trimberg” in memory of the deceased singer Hans Hegner, with 40 musicians from all over Germany 
* 2022 Benefit music project "Gospodin president" for the help of Russian deserters of the Ukraine war with more than 15 "Connected artists"
* 2022 Release of the double CD and the vinyl album "Dreams of 75" on the American label Lion Productions